20 Things Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

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Men notice a lot in a woman and it may not be all the things we automatically think of. If you are wondering why men are not attracted to you despite you being the definition of Ms. Perfect with the right clothes and perfect hairstyle, it could be you are doing something men find unattractive. The reasons could surprise you!

If you are a single lady planning to step into the dating game or are having a hard time finding a man, check the list below to read about the top 20 things men find unattractive in a woman.

#1. Too much makeup

Do not overdo your makeup. While it is important to look presentable, stay true to your original looks. You are beautiful exactly the way you are, without the extra shimmer from over-the-counter beauty brands. The best thing you can do to look beautiful is to be healthy and allow your true personality to shine. If you like makeup, you can always do it for yourself but in this case, remember, less is more.

#2. Poor personal hygiene

Ladies, it is important to take care of your personal hygiene. It is true for both men and womenㅡpoor personal hygiene is a definite turn off.

#3. Too much perfume

Do not put on too much perfume and let it linger in your personal space. For a man, too much of perfume can actually be quite an assault on the nose. Limit your usage of perfumes. No matter how expensive or cheap, use a few drops on certain points only. A little goes a long way.

#4. Arrogance

Having a strong opinion and being confident is great but, know where to draw the line because confidence, when dealt in high doses, makes a person arrogantㅡsomething no one appreciates. Be proud of your accomplishments but, do not show off. Instead, be humble and feel comfortable in your own skin.

#5. Bad mouthing the ex-boyfriend

Maybe your previous relationship ended badly. Maybe it’s your ex’s fault that you broke up. However, that’s a personal matter and you shouldn’t go bad-mouthing your ex to the world. Displaying all this negative behavior actually makes YOU look bad instead. It also pushes you away from any potential love interestsㅡno one wants to be the subject of hateful words.

#6. Being overly needy

While men like to feel needed, they are not interested in the drama where you play the role of damsel in distress. It makes you appear as someone desperate who is unable to handle her own situation. Instead, opt for being self-sufficient with a healthy amount of self-esteem.

#7. Being extra demanding

When you demand too much, you might end up feeling a sense of entitlement. Know your limits and do not demand too much from a guy. The right man will give you what you rightfully deserve.

#8. Too much drama

Men do not like drama of fake giggles or a “baby”  voice ㅡwhich you may perceive as cute. They also don’t like it when a woman turns every small thing into some big soap opera. Stop being overly dramatic and pull yourself together.

#9. Unable to hold a conversation

If you are unable to keep up with a conversation, it may indicate you are simply not compatible with the person. Instead, be bold, engage in conversation and put yourself out there. He will love your wit and intellect.

#10. Bad temper

If you have a short fuse you better keep in under control. If left unchecked, your temper may lead you to say hurtful things. Once spoken, words cannot be taken back. When spoken in anger,  words can be damaging for you and your loved ones. This is one of the traits that most men walk away from. Be patient, calm yourself and improve your attitude. It will be very rewarding for all you know.

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