Can too much sex have side-effects?

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Are you becoming an addict who cannot stop thinking about or having sex? This is how it can affect you.

I am a recently married woman and my husband wants to have sex all the time, even if I am not interested. I have said no at several occasions but that has really made him angry. I think he is a sex addict and I want to help him deal with the problem. Could you tell me more on this and whether too much sex can have any side-effects? 

Sex is no doubt one of the most pleasurable activities but can too much of it have side-effects on your health? Who decides how much is too much? What makes one a sex addict? Dr Hemant Mittal, a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at Mind Mantra, answers these questions and shares tips to tackle this problem. 

How does one know they are a sex addict? What are the symptoms?

The affected person is unable to control their sexual urges, behaviour or thoughts.

This eventually leads to high level of sexual activity this activity might be masturbation, watching adult entertainment (porn, novels, and photos) and/or have sexual intercourse. 

What are the plausible causes of sex addiction?

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