Husband rips apart bedroom while wife was away on church trip

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Nellie Jurgy and her husband Bryce are two lovebirds that enjoy a bit of internet celebrity status, as the pair is known for their family-focused YouTube channel “The Jurgys” with over 233.000 subscribers.

If there’s one thing that Nellie always wanted, it was to completely redecorate the master bedroom. However, due to a lot of work and other things going on in life, it never really happened.

For the past years, they’ve been remodeling their house – but they never seemed to make it to the master bedroom, until now.

In the video that was taken by Bryce and his friend, we get a quick overview of how the bedroom looked before he started remodeling the whole thing.

Even though it’s definitely nice and comfortable, the bedroom is also quite bland. It’s understandable why Nellie desperately wanted a bedroom makeover.

The first thing Bryce did was replace their bed with a brand new, king-size Helix one. After putting it together, he could finally focus on choosing some new decorations.

It might be considered a risky move to go ahead and choose a new bed without your significant other, but Bryce guessed that Nellie would approve – despite the advice he was given by his best friend.

After a trip to the store, he brought home a beautiful and large mirror and he also brought back some lovely green friends – both real and fake. Sunflowers are Nellie’s favorite plants, so he made sure to bring one of those.

The best piece of decoration, however, didn’t come from the store. Bryce hand-crafted a beautiful wooden sculpture of mountains that fit in perfectly.

He even recycled a bunch of older crates for his piece of art and made sure to install an LED light at the back. It just gives the whole thing and the entire room a beautiful extra touch.

Bryce didn’t have a lot of time until his wife returned home, so he worked day and night. Quite literally, because at one point in the video, it’s 3:30 AM.

As the finishing touch, he figured out where to put all of the decorations he bought. We must say that it is quite a transformation indeed and everything looks great together!

When he finally satisfied and everything was perfectly put in place, he figured it was time to reveal his big surprise.

When Nellie returned back home, Bryce interrupted her and made her put on a blindfold right away.

When the moment finally comes and Nellie enters the room, she takes off her blindfold and can’t help but smile. She was completely surprised and even asked her husband “Who are you?” because she didn’t expect this at all. The incredibly happy look on her face truly says more than a thousand words.

She adored absolutely everything! The decorations, the sunflowers, the shelves in the corners, and of course, the hand-crafted mountain masterpiece as well.

However, there was one thing she hadn’t realized yet: the brand new bed.

When she jumps on it, it seems like she really recognizes just how much effort her husband put into this makeover in a short amount of time. He really went the extra mile and Bryce definitely deserved a big kiss for all of his hard work.

What a lovely couple and a beautiful surprise! Be sure to watch the bedroom makeover and Nellie’s reaction for yourself in the video below.

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