Mix These 2 Things Before Bed And Never Wake Up Tired Again

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A night of proper sleep is one of the most crucial tasks for your health. However, the majority of people don’t manage to get a sufficient amount of sleep due to stress or work.

Getting appropriate rest each night, allows the body’s blood pressure to regulate itself. Thus, promotes heart health and improves the blood flow in the body.

Also, keep in mind that a cup of coffee does help, but loading yourself up with caffeine is not the solution to your problem.

Therefore, it is very crucial to consider your sleeping time. In fact, studies have found that people who sleep for less than 6 hours are more likely to experience a heart attack.

Blood pressure is usually lower at night while you’re sleeping. Therefore, a lack of sleep can increase your blood pressure and raise the risk of stroke.

By being on your computer, tablet, or phone before sleep is one of the main reasons that can disrupt your sleep. Luckily, you can resolve this problem in a natural way.

Here is the ultimate sleep solution to never wake up tired again:

There are many out there however, the following one is particularly helpful. This simple, two-ingredient recipe relaxes your body from stress and helps to prepare it for the following day.


  • 5 teaspoons of organic raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt


Mix these two ingredients together and put them in a glass jar. You should consume the mixture every night before you go to sleep. Just place a bit of this mixture under your tongue and let it dissolve naturally.

Salt and honey benefits:

Himalayan salt contains about 84 minerals and trace minerals. which helps to promote your sleep.

On the other hand, honey contains glucose with assists in supplying our body’s cells with energy.

This powerful combination can also build serotonin and help you to relieve stress while sleeping. Additionally, it boosts melatonin in the brain which is an important sleep hormone for high-quality sleep.

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